Baba’s Bitters

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So excited we're rolling out the Babas's Cooking School bitters line! In Chinese culinary tradition, bitter foods are keyed to the heart. So it is with all of my heart that I present Baba’s Cooking School Bitters as all natural aromatic flavor enhancers. Suggested usage, a dropperful: - in cocktails; - on ...

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Baba’s Lala Sauce in Food and Wine Magazine

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A dream I've had since I was a kid has been realized: my Baba's Cooking School Lala Sauce is featured in Food and Wine Magazine! It was a weird childhood growing up in my dad's restaurants, but I used to lie on my stomach and flip through Food and Wine and hope to see my food in the magazine. I also used to pretend to ...


Being a Restaurant Kid

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^^ Because I was a restaurant kid, I know the names of all of these mushrooms in Mandarin ^^ Steven Lim's short film Restaurant Kid brought back a lot of memories for me. I did my home work in my dad's office. I loved washing dishes and the prep chopping and mise. For some reason, I was also tended the bar on ...


Joy Juice (Contains No Actual Juice)

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Drink this tea when you want to feel nothing can stop you. It's a recipe to feel deep, limitless joy and capabilities. Word of caution / throw caution to the wind: this will stain your hands, which will lead concerned coworkers to ask if you have jaundice. This is ok because it will exercise their compassion. fresh ...

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Babas at Good Food Awards

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It was such a fun weekend to be in San Francisco to celebrate food makers across the nation at the Good Food Awards. We got to see a lot of old friends again and meet new ones. The awards ceremony was held at the grand Palace of Fine Arts, which was appropriate since we all felt a little rotunda after the gala reception ...